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Patterns of Organization

Relationships that involve cause and effect Relationships: Patterns of Organization . Patterns of Organization ... Many texts contain sections and passages that .

Cause / Effect

The little girl was sleepy, so she sat on her mothers lap. What is the cause? What is the effect?

Implied Cause and Effect

D IRECTIONS Use the three steps to identify the causes and effects in the following sentences. ADDITIONAL PRACTICE NAME CLASS DATE Implied Cause and Effect for YOUR ...

Causes Effects

cause.qxp. C AUSE AND E FFECT G RAPHIC O RGANIZER Instructions: List the topic or problem that you are exploring in the center of the organizer.


C ONTENT A SSESSED ON FCAT S UNSHINE S TATE S TANDARDS - R EADING The Sunshine State Standards identify the reading comprehension processes and skills that students ...

AHSGE Reading Standards, Objectives, Eligible Content

Determine cause and effect. a. Infer the ... Analyze how figurative language enhances the comprehension of passages, but not label or define the figurative ...

Second Grade Reading and English Language Arts Content Standards ...

RLA.2.1.5 use reading skills and strategies to understand a variety of familiar literary passages and texts (e.g., fairy ... cause/effect; predicting ...

Text Structures

Cause-Effect. Problem-Solution. For instance. To begin with. Also. In fact. For example. In addition. Characteristics of. On (date) Not long after. Now. As. Before. After. When. First. Second.

Organization and Structure

Example of cause and effect arrangement of non-fiction . In 1988 an earthquake hit San Francisco. Buildings rocked on their foundations and some collapsed.

Pollutio Pollution

english for Name_____ Date_____ Pollutio Pollution n Reading Comprehension - Informational ...

6th - cause-effect

The fish bone is a graphic organizer often used with cause/effect passages. The effect is the fishs head, and the causes appear on its skeleton.


TEMPLATE FOR Cause-and-Effect READING COMPREHENSION LESSON . ... then asking students to find the appropriate passages in the article.

Design Pattern for Assessing Cause and Effect Reasoning in Reading ...

Robert Mislevy University of Maryland PADI Technical Report 20 | March 2009 Report Series Published by SRI International P AD I PADI | Principled Assessment Designs for Inquiry ...

Preparing Students in 5 th Grade to Succeed on ISAT

(i.e. description, compare/contrast, sequence, cause/effect, ... Select longer passages for students to read silently and independently (see resource list)

What is the MAIN IDEA of this story/article?

Elementary Question Task Cards MDCPS Language Arts/Reading, updated September 2005 SUPPORTING DETAILS (LA.A.2.2.1) Design a question for which students must identify ...

Cause-and-Effect Essay Checklist

Cause-and-Effect Essay Rubric. CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Introduction (Organization) The introduction is inviting, states the thesis and previews the structure of the paper.

Design Pattern for Assessing Cause and Effect Reasoning in Reading ...

Comprehension of text passages is seen to involve the cognitive processes by which a ... 6 Background 2.2 Cause and Effect Reasoning Cause-and-effect reasoning is central ...

Answering Cause and Effect Questions in the Reading Test

Microsoft Word - answering_cause_and_effect_questions_in_the_reading_test.docx

Cause/Effect: Text Structure

Cause/Effect: Text Structure * Reread the passage. Look for cause-and-effect relationships. Then add another example to the chart below. Your Turn * Think of something ...

FCAT Reading Sample Items for Grade 6

The student recognizes cause-and-effect relationships in literary and informational texts. [Applies to fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama.] Grade 6: MC .