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Processing Complex Sentences in the Centering Framework

Processing Complex Sentences in the Centering Framework Michael Strube Freiburg University Computational Linguistics Lab Europaplatz 1, D-79085 Freiburg, Germany st rube ...

Whats on the TEST? -Unpacking the Idaho Standards Achievement ...

Whats on the TEST? -Unpacking the Idaho Standards Achievement Tests (ISAT) ... compound-complex sentences, clauses, and parallel structure.

The Writing Center

All sentences are labeled in one of the following four ways: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex. A simple sentence consists of one independent clause.

Compound Sentences

Grammar: Compound Sentences Name _____ Date _____ Compound Sentences A compound sentence is a sentence ...

Types of Sentences

Sample Compound-Complex Sentences. ... Complex; When he had finished the test, Ernie ate a gallon of chocolate ice cream, and Sandra drank a chocolate shake.

Sentence connectives

A sentence connective operates on sentences to form compound (or complex) sentences ... Cancelability is a useful simple test for distinguishing what is literally ...

Sentence Variety Exercises

How many of the students were actually prepared to take the test was ... Combine the following sentences into a compound-complex sentence using the coordinating ...

Unit 2 - Sentence Sense

Compound-complex sentences contain two or more independent clauses and ... Please note that there are no questions on the test covering the 8 th grade concept of ...

Compound Sentences

Compound Sentences . Brenham Writing Room. Created by D. Herring . What is a Compound Sentence? ... I passed the test. Punctuation with Coordination .

Basic Sentence Patterns in English

for the SPM test. The dog: waited: for its owner yesterday. Noun/Pronoun: Verb: Adverb: Que Xi: swims: ... compound, and complex sentences with many simple examples.

Compound and Complex Sentences

He studied hard for the test but couldnt remember the answers. 4. ... Change the following compound sentences to complex sentences.


Page 211 HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON ELEMENTS OF WRITING Teacher Class(es) Date Grade Second Course Alabama Lesson Plans Chapter 19: Sentence Structure Lesson 1: Diagnostic Test ...

Big Question:

Compound and Complex Sentences . Test Tip: The conjunction and is used in compound subjects and predicates as well as in compound sentences. Do not ...

Complex Sentences

Complex Sentences . ... A complex sentence may be combined with a compound sentence to form a compound-complex sentence. ... I studied for the test.

Sentence Types Practice Test

_____ 3. We have a test in math tomorrow, on Monday we have a test in English. _____ 4. Mailed ... Identifying Compound Sentences and Complex Sentences: ...

Compound-Complex Sentences

A. Identifying Clauses In each compound-complex sentence below, draw parentheses around each independent clause and underline each dependent clause.

ELA A 10 Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound-Complex Sentences

ELA A 10 Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound-Complex Sentences To make your writing more effective and interesting, use a variety of sentence types and lengths.

The Compound-Complex Sentence

The compound-complex sentence combines elements of compound and complex sentences. It is the most sophisticated type of sentence you can use.

Four Types of Sentences

Four Types of Sentences There are four basic types of sentences: 1) simple ; 2) compound; 3) complex ; and 4) compound-complex-1-A simple sentence consists of a core ...

Compound and Complex Sentences

16 Compound and Complex Sentences Create compound sentences by adding an independent clause to the ones provided. 1. The swimmer saw the sharks fin and.