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Categories and Dichotomous Keys

Categories and Dichotomous Keys 4 th or 5 th Grade Kelly Krupa Benchmarks: (4 th) SLC 1: Students will construct simple classification keys for others to use to distinguish between ...

Creating A Dichotomous Key

There should be one fewer step than the number of organisms identified in any dichotomous key. Hints for Using Dichotomous Keys. Always read both choices

Name That Fish

Mobulidae Sharks 4-8 Activities page 1 Name That Fish OBJECTIVE The student will be able to use a dichotomous key to identify shark and batoid families.

Using Dichotomous Keys to Identify Arachnids and Insects

Using Dichotomous Keys to Identify Arachnids and Insects Background: One kind of arachnid, the wind scorpion, is so named because it seems to run as fast as the wind.

Trees and Keys Pre-visit

To help prepare your students for understanding dichotomous keys, photocopy the attached worksheet , one for each student (or each pair if preferred), and each student will ...

Algae Dichotomous Key -- GK12 Fellow Laurel Hiebert

University of Oregon Institute of Marine Biology GK12 Algae Dichotomous Key -- GK12 ... Student will be responsible for writing down the station number on the worksheet, the ...

PowerPoint Presentation

DICHOTOMOUS KEY . A dichotomous key is an identification tool that uses paired statements to assist a person in learning the identity of an object.

Classification and dichotomous keys

*F ocus Classification and dichotomous keys G rade L eveL 5-6 (Life Science/Physical Science) F ocus Q uestion How can scientists identify organisms they have never ...


NAME_____ Dichotomous Key Pamishan creatures Scientists have discovered quite a few NEW creatures on the planet Pamishan.

Taxonomy, Classification, and Dichotomous Keys

A Key to New Pamishan Creatures 1. a. The creature has a large wide head..... go to 2 b. The creature has a small narrow head ...


Dichotomous Keys, Page 1 INTRODUCTION A key is a tool that allows its user to identify a ... key is: http://depts.clemson.edu/extfor/publications/bul 117/ No pre-lab worksheet ...

Silly Science

Silly Science Name _____ A dichotomous key is a valuable tool that can be used to identify many objects ranging from plants to minerals.

How to Make a Dichotomous Key From a Table of Bacterial ...

How to Make a Dichotomous Key From a Table of Bacterial Characteristics (for use in running the minimum number of tests in identifying an unknown bacterium)

Using a Dichotomous Key to identify plants

Using a Dichotomous Key to identify plants . There are many different ways to identify a plant. Woody plants can be identified by bark, leaf shape, flower, or fruit.

Lesson Foundation

I have students use dichotomous keys because dichotomous keys are often used in secondary science to identify very specific living organisms.


By always making the correct choice, the name of the organism will be revealed. The Dichotomous Key


~~~~~ DICHOTOMOUS KEY ~~~~~ Source: http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Rec/rec. games.video.arcade/2010-01/msg00025.html From: Fred Walters u003Cwalterszpqbfrednxu ...


Make a dichotomous key to distinguish the orders of alphaproteobacteria described in this chapter. 11-1

Dichotomous Key Worksheet

Use the blue arrow keys to move the coordinates to the 4 th quadrant. Press to place the coordinates at this location. Repeat the last step for point B ...


Why do scientists only use physical characteristics to make dichotomous keys? ... Use the Identify a Shape student worksheet. Extend: Give students the following ...