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Part Two - Dicot Root Cross Section - Buttercup Root

Part Two - Dicot Root Cross Section -Buttercup Root 1. View slide under LOW power, and then view on Medium Power(rA A14 be N ; ^ power?. Sketch in all of the cells that ...

Biology 161-01 Botany Exam I Dr. Canlellia Moses Okpodu

A. Multiple Choices. Choose the best answer. Each question is worth 3 points

The Root System of the Primary Plant body

Concepts of Botany, (page 1 of 11) BIOL 221 - Concepts of Botany Spring 2009 Topic 02 The Root System of the Primary Plant body (Photo Atlas: Figures 9.147, 9.148, 9 ...

Biology 102

Identify the same structures that you labeled on the drawing. 3. Using the ... Given a picture or a prepared slide cross-section of a dicot root system, identify and give a ...


... drawing of a bean root cross section ... Card 10-4: Draw a labeled diagram of a developing lateral root. ... Stem cross section of Medicago (alfalfa), a typical dicot.


Observe a cross section of the catbrier ( Smilax ) root it is on a slide labeled Monocot and Dicot Roots. Distinguish this root from that of a dicot.


Clickable diagrams of monocot and dicot stems and leaf cross section: 5: root: Clickable diagrams of plant and roots: 6: Flower: Labeled diagram of a flower


Make a hand-section or observe a prepared slide of a dicot stem, e. g., Coleus and stain with 0 ... Draw the outlines of organs or tissues (e. g., of a root cross-section ...


Ranunculus (buttercup) root - cross section (XS ... strands) to that in the root. D. Helianthus (sunflower) stem - XS. Observe the cross sectional anatomy of this dicot stem.

Primary Plant Body: The Shoot System

... to the root anatomy for comparison. D1. Typical Dicot: Helianthus stem cross-section (cross ... Draw your dicot cross section ... the leaf cross-section slide. Place your labeled ...

Plant Fungi Project L2 Biology 2007

1 Name: _____ Per. _____ Date: _____ Plant Fungi Project L2 Biology 2007 This project will help you master and apply some of the ideas ...


Page 1 Anatomy Resources: your lab kit, microscope, slides, coverslips, distilled water, dissection microscope legume seedlings in greenhouse; I 2 KI, Phloroglucinol HCl ...

Biology 102 Laboratory Exercise 3 Plant Anatomy

Examine a prepared slide of the cross section of monocot and dicot roots. ... Cut a carrot in cross section. Can you tell whether it is a root or a stem?

Pentagon International College

... A is passing through a metallic wire of cross ... the Laboratory preparation with a well labeled ... colour diagrams of internal structure of dicot and monocot root ...

Root and Stem Structure

NAME _____ Root and Stem Structure The first structures to appear on a germinating seed are the roots. The initial root to grow from a seed is ...