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Anat.-v2.3 (Spr 8)

Morphology Anatomy - 2 Copyright 2008 by Department of Integrative Biology, University of California-Berkeley Studying the Morphology and Anatomy of the ...

Anat.-v2.3 (Spr 8)

Dicot root . In cross-section, the arrangement of primary tissues within a dicot root is different from the stem section even though its outermost layer is still the ...


Observe a cross section of the catbrier ( Smilax ) root it is on a slide labeled Monocot and Dicot Roots. Distinguish this root from that of a dicot.

Function in Flowering Plants Structure; Transport

The tissue in the middle of the root that is not labeled is the pith. Note that the ... Figure 19 - Cross-section of a dicot leaf. Cells of both the palisade and spongy layer ...

Root Stem Leaf Lab

Observe the monocot and dicot root slides on low power, then on high power of ... or dicot, appears to have veins that are more evenly spaced in cross section?

Student Guide for Roots, Stems, and Leaves F07

Student Guide for Roots, Stems, and Leaves - F07 Make sure you have read the background material in lab manual topic 25 and topic 26 up to the Photosynthesis section.


... drawing of a bean root cross section ... Card 10-4: Draw a labeled diagram of a developing lateral root. ... Stem cross section of Medicago (alfalfa), a typical dicot.


Name: _____ TA: _____ LEAVES Label these structures. 17. What cells regulate the opening ...


the cross shown above? (A) 2 (B) 4 (C) 7 (D) 9 (E) 16 ... The cells found in the region of the graph labeled ... Transport of water into root hairs Movement of ...


Page 1 Anatomy Resources: your lab kit, microscope, slides, coverslips, distilled water, dissection microscope legume seedlings in greenhouse; I 2 KI, Phloroglucinol HCl ...

Lesson #1(a - f) - Teacher Checklist for Plant Structure and ...

Lesson #1(a - f) - Teacher Checklist for Plant Structure and Physiology Expectation Cluster By the end of this course, students will: Expectation Code Expectations ...

Plant Structure and Function Name

We will examine first, a cross-section of a typi cal dicot root (I could give you my ... roots; these will sometimes even be labeled Typical Dicot Root CS ...

Lab 9: The Plant Body: Stems, Roots and Leaves

How did the monocot stem differ from the dicot stem (in cross-section)? 5. How did the monocot root differ from the dicot root (in cross-section)?

Botany Lab Unit Root Structure and Function

See Figure 1A for an illustration of a cross section of a dicot root, figure 1B for a cross section photomicrograph of the stele and figure 1C for an illustration of root hairs.


Remind them that the root they are looking at is a dicot root, thus it may ... Obtain a prepared slide of a longitudinal cross section of a root tip, and examine it ...