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Hyperbole Cafe - Name: Hyperbole (pronounced: hy-PER-bol-ee) is a ...

One cookie hides the moon. We pour our iced tea into boats. We hope youll visit soon. Super Teacher Worksheets -


TRANSITION WORDS Transition words are used to link sentences and ideas. If you use them correctly, your writing will be easier to understand and more mature.

Alphabet Alliteration Poem

In alliteration, each important word in the line begins with the same letter. These poems end up being crazy, nonsense poems. Use your imagination and alliteration ...

Literary Analysis Worksheet

11) The authors use of alliteration causes 12) This (term) connoteswhich indicates 13) This (term) denotes which indicates 14) This image evokes

Simile or metaphor?

Simile or metaphor? Your challenge today is to recognise the difference between a simile and a metaphor, can you do it? A simile is where two things are directly ...

as . Think about different things. Write some similes

Name_____ Date_____ 2004-2008 1 SIMILES Similes compare two things by using the ...

Character Types

Character Types Fourth Grade By: Jennie Mons Introduction This lesson is about the different types of characters found in literature. The different types I will cover ...

Pirates Sea Warfare

Please feel free to adapt any part of the activity to best meet the needs of your ... Alliteration: the repetition of initial consonant sounds in neighboring words Similes: a ...

What are the Different Elements Between Poems with Rhythm, Rhyme ...

What are the Different Elements Between Poems with Rhythm, Rhyme, and Alliteration? Learning about the use and special features of poetry.


Alliteration Alliteration is the repetition of a consonant sound at the beginning of words. sweet smell of success Assonance Repetition of similar vowel sounds ...

Figurative Language Game

Buzz ugly as an ogre The paper screamed. simile metaphor simile alliteration personification onomatopoeia hyperbole alliteration metaphor onomatopoeia simile ...


2008 PERSONIFICATION is giving human qualities to something that is not human You can personify objects: The lights blinked in the distance.

Poetry Analysis Worksheet

You will use terms like: internal rhyme, rhyme scheme, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and repetition. Find two specific lines or elements of the poem to discuss.

Shakespeares language worksheet

Alliteration. example: effect: Assonance. example: effect: Onomatopoeia. example: effect: Repetition. example: effect: Antithesis. example: effect: Simile

Hyperbole Worksheet

All day long I worked my fingers to the bone getting things together so Id be free to go out that evening. I was dying to see the new movie at the Center Cinema.

HP Worksheet 1

Worksheets. Type Title No pages Teacher information . Internet searching information ... are usually easy to remember and use poetic techniques, such as, rhyme, alliteration ...

is giving human qualities to something that is not human

2008 PERSONIFICATION is giving human qualities to something that is not human You can personify objects: The lights blinked in the distance.

Rhyming Pictures Draw a line or circle the rhyming pictures

Learning Notes This Spelling Phonics lesson pack contains four exercises on rhyming pictures. An explanation of the skill is included and each worksheet can be used ...

Six brilliant lesson plans. Suitable for ages 5 - 11 (KS1 and KS2)

... the Cocklebur Ick 3 About Rockfords Rock Opera 4 Free ... the use of repetition, look at synonyms, alliteration and ... from video showing different camera angles and worksheets.


Hyperboles Definition A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in I could sleep for a year or This book weighs a ton.


Title: Alliteration Subject: Alliteration Author: Jennifer Mitchell Last modified by: Grigas Created Date: 10/16/1999 9:52:20 PM Document presentation format

Idiom Worksheet

Part 1. Directions: Write the meanings of these frequently used idioms. catch a cold _____ see eye to eye _____ fly off the ...

A resource guide for middle school teachers

Free Verse, Repetition, Sound This poem is written in free verse. For a discussion ... Ask students to underline or otherwise mark the examples of alliteration, assonance or ...

Worksheet 1 latest

I never have a free minute to myself. 4. The teacher talks in a monotone that puts me to sleep. 5. The teacher tells the same jokes day after day. 6 .