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Lesson Design Template

... edges, and vertices: cube, rectangular solid ... figures they can (polyhedra) and cannot build (non-polyhedra)? Are they accurately counting the faces, edges, and vertices?

Math-Grade 5, Unit 5: Super Solid Figures (3-D)

1 Math-Grade 5, Unit 5: Super Solid Figures (3-D) Stage 1 - Desired Results Established Goals: In this unit students will: 1) Further their understanding of geometric ...

Grade 4 NAEP Geometry Questions

G-2 using the attributes and properties of solid figures (edges, vertices, or the number or shape of faces) to [model L], identify, compare, or describe solid ...

The Platonic Solids: Why Only Five?

... each of these regular convex figures are equal (i.e., all edges ... of regular polyhedra, a solid whose faces are ... A tetrahedron has 4 vertices, 4 faces, and 6 edges where 3 ...


What are solid figures? Solid Figures are 3D. Solid Figures can have: Faces Edges Vertices

Lesson Plan #3

Algebra/Geometry Institute Summer 2005 Lesson Plan #3 Geometrically Solid Faculty Name: Brenda Miller School: Myrtle Hall IV, Clarksdale, Ms. 38614 Grade Level: 5 th Teaching ...

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Essential Question(s): What are the characteristics of solid geometric figures? ... Have a graphic organizer chart with the headings: edges, vertices, number of faces ...

Algebra/Geometry Institute Summer 2007

... should point out and count the number of faces, vertices, and edges aloud to the class. After all six figures have ... flat side of a solid figure Edge: segments where 2 ...

Solid Figures

A.*4*faces,*6*edges,*4*vertices B.*5*faces,*8*edges,*5*vertices C.*5*faces,*9*edges,*6*vertices D.*6*faces,*12*edges,*8*vertices 4.*Which*two*solid*figures*have*the*same* ...

... of the faces, edges, and vertices of three-dimensional figures ... the solid to the class one clue at a time, without looking, telling how many faces, edges, and vertices the ...

Objective: To describe properties of solid shapes such as ...

To describe properties of solid shapes such as perpendicular and parallel lines, faces and edges ... Vertex (Vertices) The place where three or more ...

Form 4

Research Title: Flips, Slides, and Turns and Congruent Figures . Grades ... First, students will learn about faces, vertices and edges of solid shapes.


The line segment where two faces of a solid figure meet. Edge . This material was ... and congruent circles as bases, 1 curved surfaces, 2 curved edges, and no vertices.

Properties of 3-D Shapes

Planes of Symmetry? Infinite . Faces, Corners and Edges . The normal definitions of faces, corners and edges are not appropriate for a cone.

Solid Figures

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PowerPoint Presentation

... for figures a - d and g. Create the 5 regular polyhedra--cut out the nets and tape the sides together. Then, mark or color the vertices, edges, and faces. ... solid is ...

Solid Figures

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Solid Figures

Ohio Achievement Test Grand Slam, Level F 32 Solid Figures G.1.D G.2.D Example Jerold received a package in the mail with the following shape.

Title of Activity:

... classify solid geometric figures (prisms, cylinders, cones, and spheres) according to such things as the number of edges and vertices and the number and shape of faces ...

Solids Word Box

What is the name of a corner on a solid where three or more edges meet? vertex 10. How many faces does a rectangular prism have? six 11. How many vertices does a ...